Brady Home Furniture always offers simple to use financing for 6-48 months through Synchrony Bank, a reputable and trusted financing institution. Our program allows you to make payments while enjoying deferred interest on 12 month financing, and always provide you benefits when shopping with us. “Minimum monthly payments required. O.A.C “

  • 6 Months Financing with 0% interest if paid in full and no down payment. No minimum purchase.
  • 12 Months Financing with 0% interest if paid in full and no down payment. No minimum purchase. 
  • 18 Months Financing with 0% interest if paid in full and no down payment. Minimum purchase of $1,500. 






Progressive Leasing. Our customers now have a way to avoid leaving empty handed. Leave with the items you want! Do you have No Credit, Bad Credit, or just don't want to check your credit? Brady Home Furniture offers a simple to get  No Credit Needed Leasing/Payment Option (Same as Cash).

It's as easy as 1, 2! Only two key things are looked at when qualifying customers

              (1) Income, and
              (2) Checking Account. 

Our customers can now be at ease knowing that bad credit no longer means high interest financing.  An applicant must have a steady income from the same employer for a minimum of six months prior to applying for financing; earning $1,000+ per month and depositing $500+ per month into checking account. The applicant must also have an active checking account for at least three months, and not have any “Non-Sufficient Funds” or excessive protected overdrafts in the last 30 days.  $59 application fee apply*. 

Lease period:
All lease/purchase agreements are 12 months.

Buyout options:
Progressive Leasing offers early buyout options to customers who wish to own the merchandise outright before the 12 month term is up. There are two buyout options:

  1. 90 Day Payment Option Leasing-You pay only the invoice amount and a $59 initial payment.
  2. 65% buyout option-If you wish to own the merchandise outright after 90 days, you may purchase it at 65% of the balance left on your account. For example: After six months, you wish to purchase your bedding outright and the balance on your agreement is $500. The 65% buyout option will allow you to buy the merchandise for $325.

The Minimum & Maximum Approval amount:

  1. Minimum amount is $300
  2. Maximum amount is $2500

The documents needed for the approval process:
The following documents MAY be required for an approval:

  1. Most recent paystub with Year to Date
  2. Bank Statement from the last 30 days
  3. Photo ID
  4. Voided Personal Check
  5. If Self Employed - Simply Provide the last Three months of bank statement
  6. Other Types of Income - (Retirement / SS / VA / Long Term Disability): Must Provide benefit letter verifying income, the last 30 day bank statement, a voided check & photo ID

The application process: 
You will receive one of following responses:

  1. Approved - If approved, no further documentation is needed.
  2. Pre-Qualified - You will be asked to provide specific documents verifying application.

(Bank statement, paystub, voided check or photo ID etc )

  1. Pended -  If you receive a "Pending", you do not qualify for the program at this time, but may reapply when you meet their requirements or you can re-apply with co-signer
  2. Denied - If you receive a "Denied", you do not qualify for the program at this time, but you can re-apply with co-signer. Please call Brady Home Furniture for more assistance at (563) 424-5821.



Layaway: Free and Flexible.Simple and easy.  Brady Home Furniture offers Free and Flexible Layaway plans for up to 6 Months. Take advantage of No Service fees, minimal down payment to hold price, making payments at your own pace with no scheduled payments.